From Tuesday 17th – Thursday 19th October there is the chance to chat to and be served chicken broth and lentil soup for free by nuns.  The three-day event is all tied up with the launch of a new Channel 5 series Bad Habits: Holy Orders, a show following five young women who swap their modern lifestyles for four weeks working at the nuns’ convent in East Anglia, who are Daughters of Divine Charity sisters.

And while NUNdos might be happening in East London, the whole thing is decidedly Instagram-unfriendly. The nuns want you to drop your phones off when you go in so you can take time to take stock.

Where is it? White Rabbit, Dereham Pl, London EC2A 3HJ

When does it open? Tuesday 17th – Thursday 19th October 2017. Opening hours are Tuesday, 11.30am – 8.00pm and Wed and Thurs, 11.30am – 3.00pm.

How to book: There’s no pre-booking, but you can email to register your interest for the number of pre-assigned dining slots available.

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