Saturday 23rd March 2019 at Holiday Inn, Liverpool City Centre

The National Office for Vocation, Vocations Ireland and Vocation Scotland have come together to organise a conference for older religious, aimed at providing them encouragement and training on how best to engage young people. Religious, with a lifetime of experience, have much to offer the young members of our Church, and those young members have made their voices heard through the pre-synod meetings and through the synod of bishops. Please download the booking form, which has more details, by clicking here.

The day includes a buffet lunch, starting at 10am and concluding at 4.30pm. We would also encourage those who are in positions of leadership to attend the conference, or other religious who would like to accompany the delegates.

Closing date for £50 early-bird bookings: Friday 15th February 2019

Late bookings will be charged £60 up until Friday 1st March 2019