Vocations Discernment Community, Hammersmith, London

One-year of personal and spiritual development and discerning your calling, led by the Augustinians. The community programme begins at the end of September each year (September-July). It is for men who will be working or studying in London but who would also like to look at the possibility of priesthood or religious life.

The community is sponsored and run by the Augustinians but it is not geared to moving the members in any particular direction. It gives a flavour of the different options within the Church, with a variety of experiences and inputs. It is quite a challenging year as the members continue their work or studies during the day, whilst in the evenings and weekends take part in the community activities.

The aim is that by the end of the year the members will have a clearer idea of what their specific calling is (either priesthood, religious, lay, consecrated or married life) and what it entails, and be enabled to make a more formal start in the direction they feel God is calling them.

Don’t wait till September you can contact anytime of the year.

Contact: Bro. Gladson Francesco Dabre OSA
for more information 07865 664333 (Mobile)
Email: Vocations.Austin.Friars@gmail.com