A new feature documentary about the monks of Mount St Bernard Abbey, called “Outside the City”, is being premiered on November 9th at Cinecity Brighton Film Festival. This artistic film documents the lives and deaths of the monks living behind the walls of this closed monastic community in Leicestershire, as they transition from dairy farming to brewing the UK’s first Trappist beer, the world famous Tynt Meadow.

The premiere of the film will be an afternoon screening at 2pm at the Depot Cinema in Lewes. The bar will be serving Tynt Meadow and there will be a chance to discuss the film after the screening with filmmaker Nick Hamer. For more details and to book your ticket please click here.

Outside the City will be released in UK independent arts cinemas from December. To keep up to date with cinema listings, visit www.facebook.com/outsidethecityfilm or www.outsidethecityfilm.com.